Nature-based Future Challenge

Climate change and biodiversity loss are major threats to our future. Addressing these challenges requires a shift towards a nature-inclusive society. That's why Wageningen University & Research is inviting changemakers from around the world to develop an innovative, nature-based perspective for one of the most climate vulnerable regions in the world, the Bangladesh delta region.

In the Nature-based Future Challenge, inspired by the project the Netherlands in 2120, multidisciplinary student teams visualise the potential of nature-based solutions to respond to the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss in Bangladesh delta. By analysing soil, water, and other relevant data, as well as engaging with stakeholders, you will create a nature-positive vision for Bangladesh in the year 2120 and present it in form of spatial planning maps and illustrative renderings.

The Challenge welcomes students from universities and universities of applied sciences worldwide, in all phases of their studies (BSc, MSc, PhD or equivalent). Students with various study backgrounds are encouraged to participate, including but not limited to Landscape Architecture, Spatial Planning, Forestry, (Organic) Agriculture, Nature Conservation, Environmental Sciences, and Land, Water, Urban, and Marine Resources Management.

Registration closes on 19 November 2023.