SG - Big Tech & Strategic Framings of Nature

Workshop by Rianne Riemens

The internet and tech platforms have an unstoppable hunger for energy and finite materials. To defend their immense environmental impact, Big Tech companies have developed elaborate campaigns in which they position themselves as green pioneers. In this workshop, you learn how to critically assess the framing strategies that Apple, Microsoft and Amazon use in their commercials. What stories or myths do they construct about their relationship with nature? How do they represent the Earth? And what remains invisible?

21:00 to 22:00, 28 May - Impulse

About Rianne Riemens

Rianne Riemens is a PhD candidateatthe department of Arts & Culture atRadboud University,studying the position of digital platforms in the climate crisis. Before her PhD, she haworked as a researcher at Utrecht University andas a writer at the cultural institutions SETUP & Waag.

Rianne Riemens

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