SG - Embodying the climate between arts and sciences boundaries

Workshop by Luana Poliseli

In this interactive lecture/workshop, we will draw lessons from the SciArt ClimArtLab: Owing Our Mess on different ways to embody new narratives of climate emergency. We will discuss and explore the potential of going beyond the boundaries of scientific knowledge concerning climate change by using artistic approaches.

19:45 to 20:45, 28 May - Impulse

About Luana Poliseli

Luana Poliseli

Luana Poliseli is a philosopher of science with a background in biology. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the project Global Epistemology and Ontologies (GEOs), at the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI), WUR. Her work permeates aesthetics of science, arts-science, mechanistic and causal explanations, explanation and scientific understanding, traditional and academic ecological knowledge, inter- and transdisciplinary research teams, biodiversity conservation and sustainability.

Luana Poliseli

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