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Workshop by Cebuan Bliss

How can stories make change happen? Transformative societal change requires seeing and doing things differently. That’s where stories come in. Being unafraid to tell stories is important because they remind us of values we want to live by, and to create visions of the future. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to communicate science better with stories. We’ll practice crafting your own short story about climate change.

The written stories will form part of the final night of Between Art & Science: Reframing the Climate, with one brave storyteller getting to perform their story aloud.

19:45 to 20:45, 28 May - Impulse

About Cebuan Bliss

Cebuan Bliss

During her PhD, Cebby became fascinated with the power of stories. She researches animal ethics in biodiversity conservation and the inherent governance dilemmas this creates – think of killing wildlife because we class them as ‘invasive’ or ‘problems’. Stories are a transformative way of communicating with and about animals. She thinks a challenge for us all is to discover what gives us purpose. Once we have found this purpose, we can step into our role as agents of change using the power of stories. Cebby’s next research will use artistic methods to represent the interests of nonhumans in rewilding projects.

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