Signature; we all teach

Education is a cornerstone of the Laboratory of Microbiology, which prides itself in developing students for the field of microbiology. Since the appointment of Nicolaas Söhngen, 100 years ago, this holds not only for scientists and academics but also for PhD students and support staff. The basic Microbiology course, its practicals and lectures, have become legendary in the organisation, exemplified in the idea that, student or teacher, “you never walk alone”.

During the last 25 or so years, over 10,000 students have followed this course. First organized by Dr Ad van Egeraat, and later by Dr Gosse Schraa, it is recognised as the hallmark of microbiology education. The fact that both of these teachers obtained the Wageningen Leermeester Award testifies to the quality and effectiveness of our microbiology education system. Nowadays, the number of students has increased so much that a single person can no longer teach this whole course; a team now takes care of this first interaction of students and microbiology, led by Dr Servé Kengen.