The largest WUR Career Day Ever!

You may have seen it on Instagram already:

“On October 19th, we will organise the biggest WUR Career Day ever: almost 100 organisations will be attending, and they are all searching for you! Expect a large career fair in both Orion and Forum, 1-1 interviews with employers, and to top this off you are even able to sign up for lunches with employers. Exciting right?!”

High time to call Astrid van Noordenburg – Manager Student Career Services for a chat.

Almost 100 organisations present

“At the moment, almost 100 organisations have signed up to meet WUR students, PhD candidates and alumni. We are very proud to welcome the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs, but also AB InBev – the world’s largest brewery – and the World Resources Institute. You will have the chance to meet possible employers from the Netherlands and Wageningen Campus, but also from England, Germany and Ireland. Various sectors are represented: from start-ups to multinationals and there are producers as well as developers, consultancies, government organisations and sector representatives. Have a look at the overview on our website

Career day offers serious job opportunities

“This year the Career Fair is in Forum and Orion. This offers you the chance to speak to organisations informally. I would advise both BSc and MSc students to seize this opportunity to get a feel of the work field as well as the atmosphere and character of the company. Also, you can orientate yourself on the job/internship opportunities of your (future) field of study.

Also -and I really advise you to do that - students can apply for a one-on-one interview or a (group) lunch with employers. Tip: make sure you update your CV because the employer selects students they want to meet. More and more organisations actually hire candidates they have met during our career events. So, are you looking for a job? Be sure to take this opportunity!”

Talents and motivation more important than knowledge

“The job market is tighter than ever and WUR alumni are very much in demand. Organisations contact Student Career Services more and more and where we met with HR managers and talent developers before, nowadays we often speak to general management on our introduction meetings. That illustrates the importance they give to early contact with WUR students. What is good to know, is that employers focus more on your talents and motivation than on your study program. So, it is very relevant to know and present your strengths and have a clear image of what makes you happy or what you feel passionate about. This can be both professionally and in terms of working environment or atmosphere. Would you like to work in a large or a small company; a start-up, with all its insecurities, or a multinational that may offer more security? Look for an organisation that suits your talents and personality.

Check our calendar for workshops & training that help you make an effective CV, find your strengths or give tips for effective networking (all before the Career Day).”

Final tip From Astrid

“Trust yourself; you will find an inspiring job, even if you don’t have many extracurricular achievements on your CV. Of course, it can help, but only take on extra tasks if they give you energy.

If you get a good offer and you like the organisation and the job/internship… just do it. Don’t wait for better options for too long. You don’t have to commit forever; it is OK to switch after a few years and every career choice you make, helps you grow!

Good luck, and I hope to see you on the 19th of October 2022!”

(Published in the STS newsletter of September 2022)