Bachelor's Marine Sciences

Seas and oceans are increasingly used for food supply, mining, transport, wind energy, tourism, etc. On top of that, for example, the warming of the sea water, overfishing, pollution, and a rising sea level are causing ecological and social shifts on a large scale. This leads to important challenges and developments in the marine domain.

During the broad bachelor's programme Marine Sciences, you will immerse yourself in biosciences, environmental sciences, and social sciences in order to understand the complexity of marine systems worldwide. The focus is on nature, food and society. You will, for example, study the effects of climate change, how seas and oceans can contribute to the sustainable production of food, and how we can design innovative solutions for coastal defense, reef restoration or sustainable energy, inspired and supported by nature. Furthermore, you will develop the knowledge and skills to bridge conflicting interests.

Bachelor's Marine Sciences

Why this programme?

  • You will be broadly educated and you will learn to integrate the knowledge of different disciplines. This will enable you to work with many different stakeholders in the future.
  • The challenges in the marine domain are major and you will be able to make an important contribution to the development of innovative, sustainable solutions.
  • The programme has an international orientation and is open to students from all countries. During your studies, you will learn to work with different nationalities.
  • You can choose from many different follow-up master's programmes.
The Sustainable Blue Economy will take off enormously in the coming years. There is a great need for academics who can oversee the system and think beyond the boundaries of disciplines.
Arie Mol, Senior Implementation Expert Sustainable Blue Economy, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Study programme of BSc Marine Sciences

The programme overview shows which subjects can be taken in each year of the bachelor's Marine Sciences.

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Admission and application

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Student experiences

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Future career

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Continue with a Master's

The bachelor's programme gives admission to a number of master’s programmes. In addition to the main programmes (to which graduates have direct admission), there are a number of other master’s options available. Read more about follow-on master’s programmes.