Compare the bachelor's Soil, Water and Atmosphere

Do you know you want to study an environmental sciences study programme, but not sure which one? This page compares the BSc in Soil, Water, and Atmosphere with our other environmental Bachelor’s programmes.

Compare the programme in Wageningen

BSc International Land and Water Management

The Bachelor programme International Land and Water Management combines technical, socioeconomic and administrative aspects of land and water management. This programme focuses on areas across the world where there are problems with land and water management, such as tropical regions where flooding and erosion occur or subtropical regions where irrigation and drinking water facilities are needed. The Netherlands and other countries in Europe are currently facing issues regarding flooding, drought, and land and soil conservation as well. Knowledge of climate, soil, water, and socioeconomic circumstances is being used to contribute to finding solutions for these issues.

Soil, Water, Atmosphere also deals with issues like flooding, drought and soil conservation but does not take into account the socioeconomic and administrative aspects. The bachelor Soil Water, Atmosphere only uses a natural sciences approach on the landscape and not an social sciences approach.

BSc Environmental Sciences

How can we, with 7 billion people on Earth, keep our living environment healthy? That is something you will learn in the Environmental Sciences degree programme. You will learn to research environmental issues such as pollution, depletion of natural resources, and climate change from a natural sciences and social sciences perspective. You will also learn how you can identify and design sustainable solutions.

Soil, Water, and Atmosphere focuses on knowledge of the processes in the soil, water, and atmosphere. The environmental aspects primarily appear in landscape formation, flow processes, and the transport of dissolved substances and are studied using a science-based approach. You will work on calculating and modelling environmental problems. However, social elements, such as environmental policy and management, are not addressed in the Soil, Water, and Atmosphere degree programme.

BSc Tourism

Tourism is offered jointly by Breda University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University & Research. As the first of its kind in the Netherlands, this scientific programme deals with developments in tourism and the interrelationships between tourism, the economy, society and the environment.

Compare the programme with other universities

Study programme which compare to Soil Water Atmosphere can be found both in the Netherlands as outside the Netherlands. Comparable programmes are for instance Civil Engineering, Geology, Earth Sciences or Meteorology. However, these programmes only take into account a particular part of the domain. Soil, Water, Atmosphere focusses on all three domains and their interconnectedness making it a unique programme throughout Europe.