Connecting master's - BSc Soil, Water and Atmosphere

Wageningen University & Research offers master's programmes that provide a logical continuation from the bachelor's programme in Soil, Water, Atmosphere. You may, of course, choose to continue studying at another university, either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Connecting master's

Master's Earth and Environment

This master’s focuses on the physical processes that make our world habitable. The main focus lies on understanding interconnected physical, chemical and biological processes, and on developing models that describe them. This allows scenarios to be developed that demonstrate potential outcomes at local, regional and/or global scale as well as the associated timeframes, enabling solutions to issues aimed at influencing human behaviour in areas such as air quality, biodiversity or water management.

Master's Climate Studies

This master’s programme looks at how plant species and their habitats mutually affect one other: it examines biological, geographical and chemical processes on a variety of scales, from the microcosm to regional/global effects. Human behaviour has a major influence in these processes, such as the emission of greenhouse gases, acid rain or the effects of synthetic fertiliser on groundwater.

Master's Geo-Information Science

This master’s concentrates on the generation, analysis, presentation and application of geographic data, which can be used to solve environmental problems.

Master’s Development and Rural Innovation

This master’s programme combines technological studies with social and life-science processes to generate innovative solutions in a wide range of areas across the globe. Change processes form the core of this programme. These processes aim to build a bridge between technological aspects and socio-organisational issues, in areas including water management, agriculture, disaster prevention and health & hygiene.

Alternative master's

Other master’s programmes in Wageningen or elsewhere may be subject to additional prerequisites, which may be completed during the bachelor’s programme via electives.