Education Experience Team

The mission of the Education Experience team is to support the educational community of WUR by helping to answer education-related questions and develop services and policies through accessible creative and qualitative methods which explore perspectives, needs and ideas, ultimately contributing to high quality education.

The Education Experience team consists of 5 members. Currently, Nadieh Tubben is the organiser and in charge of communication. Luuk Bolscher & Nienke Raeven are the analysts and Lucille Plijnaar & Cassandre Benedetti are the student assistants that support the previously mentioned employees in their tasks.

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f.l.t.r. Nadieh Tubben, Luuk Bolscher, Nienke Raeven, Lucille Plijnaar, Cassandre Benedetti

Team members

Nadieh Tubben

My name is Nadieh Tubben and I am responsible for the recruitment of teachers and students within the Education Experience Team. Together with the promoteam we will try to inform as many people as possible about the importance of Edcuation Experience. I really like the fact that the wishes and needs of students and teachers is centralised within the different projects of WUR.

Luuk Bolscher

My name is Luuk and I’m one of the Analysts within the team. My main job is to analyze the information we gather in the different group sessions and present it in an attractive, visual way. We use these reports to present our findings to different stakeholders within WUR, so that the valuable insights students, teachers and employees provide us with can actually be incorporated into different services, (IT-)systems and other aspects of our university. I’m an analytically driven person and find most of my joy in puzzling with our data and creatively presenting the outcomes.

Nienke Raeven

Hi, my name is Nienke and I'm a bit of an all-rounder in the team. I work together with clients to prepare sessions. I analyse the input given and visualise the findings to provide actionable insight for change. Next to that, I work on development: of our methods and our cooperation with other teams at WUR, to make sure we provide insights and make impact in an optimal way. I am interested in people. I like to understand and help reshape patterns, so conditions improve. This is what drives me. The variety and creative aspect of our work makes it a lot of fun!

Lucille Plijnaar

I’m Lucille, one of the student assistants of the team. My role within the Education Experience Team is to promote upcoming sessions and keep the social media up to date. I also support the team with administrative and logistic tasks, such as taking care of the registrations and e-mails, making sure everything is ready for the sessions, organising raw data from the results obtained and updating the webpage. I am a first year Msc Biotechnology student and so far I have really enjoyed my time in this team. I believe that the quality of the education does not only derive from the university, but also from the voice of the students!

Cassandre Benedetti

My name is Cassandre and I am a bachelor student majoring in Environmental Sciences. As a student-assistant for the team, my role involves tackling various administrative tasks such as responding to emails, assisting in session preparations, and organizing raw data from our sessions. However, my responsibilities extend beyond those mentioned, as I willingly embrace a variety of tasks that the team entrusts to me, such as brainstorming creative promotion ideas and keeping the website up to date. I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this supportive team and look forward to learning a lot more!