Study and student associations

Wageningen offers a vibrant student life, enriched by numerous student and study associations that organize a wide range of engaging and enjoyable activities for both local and international students. For further details, we recommend visiting their respective websites.

Wageningen University offers a vibrant student life with a diverse range of student associations. Each association has its own distinct style, catering to various interests. Some focus on religion or smaller groups, while others are larger and renowned for their parties and social events. This variety ensures that there is an association that aligns with your preferences.

These associations serve as more than just meeting places during your time at Wageningen University; they foster lifelong connections. In the small town of Wageningen, student associations are the primary venues for parties and social gatherings. However, their significance extends beyond mere entertainment. They play a pivotal role in personal growth and maximizing the university experience for students.

International associations and groups

Cultural associations (music and theatre)

Study associations

Student council parties

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