Genetics and Biodiversity

Animal breeding and genetics has become an integrated, worldwide industry. In recent years, the emphasis on animal biodiversity has been growing.

Specialisation in a nutshell

The specialisation Genetics and Biodiversity focuses on the genetic improvement of animals in relation to their environment, by integrating quantitative, biological and molecular approaches. DNA techniques are emphasised because they are increasingly used to determine genetic diversity in various animal populations. Focus can be on genetic management of domestic or semi-wildlife populations to ensure optimal health and performance or on the genetic basis of specific behaviours or characteristics in various animal species.

This specialisation has three thesis tracks:

- Animal Breeding and Genetics (ABG)

- Host-Microbe Interactomics (HMI)

- Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (WEC)

Thesis and Internship

A thesis or internship project for the specialisation Genetics and Biodiversity is conducted at the ABG, HMI or WEC chair group and results in a scientific report and a presentation. A thesis project usually links up with ongoing research at one of the research groups or is conducted in cooperation with commercial or (non-)governmental organisations. At the websites of the different chair groups, you can find more information about research topics.

ABG chair group

HMI chair group

WEC chair group