Specialisation Development and Adaptation

This specialisation focusses on how organisms develop and adapt to their environment.

What will you learn?

You will learn to use biomechanics, behavioural observations, genetic principles, biochemical analysis, molecular and physiological techniques. This will help you understand how individual organisms, particularly plants and animals, adapt to their biotic and abiotic environment, both during development and in adult life. Check the Study Handbook to see the courses of this specialisation and the chair groups at which you can do your thesis.

Thesis examples

  • What chemicals are induced in plants by herbivory, what is their effect on arthropod behaviour, and how do the cues affect interactions in the community?
  • A ribosomal DNA-based framework for the detection and quantification of stress-sensitive nematode families in terrestrial habitats
  • Arabidopsis natural variation: functional analysis of genes controlling adaption