Study programme - MSc Data Science for Food and Health

During two years you work towards a complete repertoire of expertise and skills needed to become fully accomplished integrators.

Year 1

  • Compulsory courses, like an introductory course (6 EC) and Statistics for Data Scientist (6 EC)to ensure you start with a sound theoretical basis.
  • A personalised programme of 18 EC (three courses of 6 EC) to broaden your horzion and gain insight in a new field of expertise.
  • Academic Consultancy Training and Data Science Ethics: to master professional skills in an interdisplinary setting.

Year 2

  • Major thesis: conduct your own research project at one of WUR's research groups (36 credits)
  • Internship: work for an organisation outside of the university and gain some work experience (24 credits)

You can find all courses within this programme in the study handbook.