Master's Health Management in Aquaculture (double degree)

The international master's Health Management in Aquaculture Management is a joint programme between leading research institutes Wageningen University & Research, NTNU (Norway), Ghent University (Belgium) and Universitat Autonoma Barcelona (Spain).

Would you like to contribute to a sustainable supply of healthy seafood and answer the challenges of global food demand and overfishing? This calls for innovative solutions to be developed and implemented by appropriately trained experts. To respond to the need for expert training in aquaculture health management, the AquaH consortium combines the expertise of the 4 European excellency centres in the field:

Each partner has a long-standing and strong reputation in aquaculture research, with a growing focus on health and disease management. After finishing this master's programmes students will receive a double master's degree.

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Study programme

After learning the basics of health management in aquaculture at Ghent University, the programme offers 3 distinct learning lines. Each addressing aquaculture health issues on a different level:

  • The Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology will focus on the relationship between the ecosystem and health.
  • Wageningen University at preventing disease and maintaining adequate health, whilst minimising the impact on the environment.
  • Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona will teach the relationship between animal physiology and health.

Application and admission

Interested in taking part in the programme of Biology? Find more information and details about the application.

Learning outcomes

Participants that successfully terminate the programme will be able to understand and control the interaction between aquaculture species and their environment, to produce robust and healthy animals with attention for epidemiologic, environmental and welfare regulations.