Dutch students

On this page you can find information regarding enrolment to the programme, after you have been admitted to Wageningen University & Research. Please follow the steps in order to complete your enrolment and to start your study in Wageningen.

1. Payment of tuition fees

Specific information on tuition fees for students starting in September or February can be found in 1.1. and 1.2.

1.1. For students starting in September

All Dutch students pay the tuition fee via Studielink. As of May 1, a new task will appear in your ‘To Do’ list. Here you can choose how you would like to pay.

For more information about the tuition fee, please also see this page.

1.2. For students starting in February

All Dutch students pay the tuition fee via Studielink. In your 'To Do' list you can indicate how you would like to pay.

All European students pay the tuition fee via Studielink. As of May 1, a new task will appear in your ‘To Do’ list. Here you can choose for your digital authorisation. 

The payment deadline is January 31, however, we strongly advise you to confirm your payment earlier.  As soon as you have confirmed the digital authorization, we consider your payment done. As soon as you meet all other enrolment criteria, you will be enrolled and your WUR account will become available. 

By confirming your  digital authorisation, you give Wageningen University & Research permission to collect the tuition fees from your bank account. In that case, you have met the payment obligation immediately, despite the fact that the amount is not debited until February 25. Therefore, do this as soon as possible, but no later than 31 January!

If you choose to pay in multiple instalments an administration fee of € 24,- applies. The administration fee will be deducted together with the first instalment.

If you withdraw your (request for) enrollment at Wageningen University & Research before 1 February, the digital authorisation will be cancelled.

Also an official Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees (BBC) can be made long before your money actually will be deducted from your bank account.

For more  information about the tuition fee, please also see this page.

* No rights can be derived from this page, this amount is applicable if you are entitled to pay the statutory fee.

2. Verification of your pre-education

The pre-education of Dutch students will be verified via Studielink (if you have obtained your pre-education in the Netherlands*). This should be automatically verified before the enrolment deadline.

Please check if this has been done once you have obtained your degree (note that this could take a couple of weeks after graduation).

When your pre-education is not verified two weeks before the enrolment deadline, please make sure your previous institute forward us the following document: Proof of Graduation together with a final transcript of records. They can forward these documents to email address ssc@wur.nl

Please make sure we receive these documents before these deadlines:

  • September intake: August 31 (your graduation date must be before September 1)
  • February intake: January 31 (your graduation date must be before February 1)

Alternatively you can bring these documents to the student desk or send the documents to:     

Wageningen University & Research
Student Service Centre
Admissions office
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen
The Netherlands

*Please follow step 2 on the information page of the EU students if you have obtained your pre-education outside the Netherlands

3. Housing

Wageningen University & Research has a large community of students. Finding a room in Wageningen or the surrounding area is not always easy. Most students in Wageningen rent a room through Idealis, but you can also choose to search for a room yourself through other channels.

If you live further away than 130 km from Wageningen, you can get priority at Idealis. For a room at Idealis, you can register at ROOM.nl. You can already do this when you turn 16. On this page you will find more tips about finding a room.

4. Annual Introduction Days

During the AID, you will get to know the University, your fellow students, all the students organizations, the city and all that Wageningen has to offer. You’ll be guided by two current students that will make you feel at home in Wageningen and answer your questions. For more information and registration go to the AID website.