Non-EU/Non-EFTA students

On this page you can find information regarding enrolment to the programme, after you have been admitted to Wageningen University & Research. Please follow the steps in order to complete your enrolment and to start your study in Wageningen.

1. Payment of tuition fees

All non-EU/Non-EFTA students who are admitted to an MSc programme will receive an invoice.

In case you have a sponsor or a scholarship, you have to inform us as soon as possible and before the payment deadline.

In the case you have indicated that you will pay the MSc study by a sponsor, your sponsor will be contacted to arrange the financial matters.

In the case that you have been granted a scholarship, we need to receive the scholarship letter before the payment deadline. Thereafter, we will decide whether we can accept it as a payment guarantee. In case we accept the letter, we will send an invoice to the scholarship agency and possibly an additional invoice to you for remaining costs that are not covered by the scholarship.

Deadlines for payment:

Please be aware that this is a strict deadline, necessary in order to have enough time to apply for your legal residence. 

Instructions with regard to the payment can be found on your invoice.

Please check this page for an overview of the scholarships available for international students.

2A. Verification of your pre-education

In order to get enrolled in the programme we will need to verify your certified documents on which your admission was based. We require certified copies* of the following documents. Note that it is only necessary to forward these documents if you are certain that you are able to start the programme with us (e.g; you will be able to pay the tuition fee or you are certain that have you obtained a scholarship).

1. Certified copy of the original degree you gained admission with.

2. Certified copy of the original list of marks obtained during the programme.

3. If your degree is not in the English, German or Dutch language we need an additional certified translation of the original degree.

4. If your list of marks is not in the English, German or Dutch language we need an additional certified translation of the original list of marks.

Deadlines for supplying these documents:

· September intake: June 30 (your graduation date must be before July 1).

· February intake: November 30 (your graduation date must be before December 1).

Please note: The deadline has been set to be able to complete the visa process in time. If you have not graduated yet and the expected graduation date will be end of June/beginning of July we can give you extension until 15 July at the latest to provide your documents (for the February intake this extended deadline is 15 December)

What if I have graduated, but I did not yet receive my diploma?

If your graduation date is before the above mentioned deadline a certified statement of graduationis also accepted for now. Please use the following format: Proof of Graduation. You will still need to provide us with a certified copy once you have received your diploma.

There are four ways to deliver your certified documents to us, choose one:

1. Per email directly from your institution
You can request the registrar's office (or other appropriate records/examinations office of your previous institution) to forward your degree certificate, diploma or proof of graduation plus a final transcript of records directly to, mentioning your name and date of birth.

This email must be sent through an official institutional email account, complete with the sender's name, job title, and department.
We cannot accept emails from public domains such as ‘’, ‘’ etc.

2. Online verification
If you have documents that can be verified online by us via digital codes. If we can accept these documents, we consider them certified.

3. Per post/courier
Explicitly mention that the envelope contains documents for enrollment. Failing to address the document in that manner, can cause your documents to be delayed and/or returned to sender or the post office might bill you additional costs.

Please use this address:
Wageningen University & Research
SSC Admissions Office
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen
The Netherlands

Hand in at the student desk
You can bring the documents in person to the student desk in Forum Building. The address and opening hours can be found on the website

*A certified copy is a duplicate of the original document affixed with an original stamp/seal and signature by an authorised person from the institution you gained the degree from, a solicitor or notary. A regular photo-copy of a certified copy with no original stamp/signature is not certified and will NOT be accepted. Note that these documents will not be returned to you and are kept for our administration.

2B. Verification of your pre-education (China)

In order to get enrolled in the programme we will need to verify your certified documents on which your admission was based. We require you to apply for these certified documents via the CSSD portal ( We require the English version of the documents. Only once you have been officially graduated is it possible to apply for these documents via CSSD.

Please apply for the following certified documents at CSSD and get CSSD to forward the documents to

  • Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate
  • Verification Report of China Higher Education Student's Academic Transcript

Deadlines for supplying these documents:

· September intake: 15 July at the latest, your graduation date however must be by July 1. But the sooner the better!

· February intake: 15 December at the latest, your graduation date however must be by December 1. But the sooner the better!

3. Legal residence in the Netherlands (if applicable)

As soon as the steps Payment of the fees and the Verification of your pre education have been completed, the Student Immigration Office of Wageningen University & Research will start your entry visa/residence permit procedure. For more information visit the following website

For legal residence application a valid passport is required, so make sure your passport scan is uploaded in your application portal with the following details:


Student Immigration Office (SIO) of Wageningen University & Research will start the legal residence process in your student portal (OSIRIS), send you instructions and forms (roadmap) upon receipt of your payment and/or fellowship letter.

Additional information about the entry visa and residence permit application procedure can be found on our website for future students.

4. Housing

Wageningen University & Research has a large community of students. Finding a room in Wageningen or the surrounding area is not always easy. Most students in Wageningen rent a room through Idealis (the main student housing cooperation in Wageningen), but you can also choose to search for a room yourself through other channels.

If you live further away than 130 km from Wageningen, you can get priority at Idealis. As a prospective student at Wageningen University & Research you can register and apply for rooms at Idealis via Note: it is very important that you pay your tuition fee at Wageningen University & Research on time! Only after you paid your tuition fee, you can apply for a room with priority based on your home address. All information about how to arrange your accommodation can be found here.

5. Annual Introduction Days

The best start to your studies is to participate in the Annual Introduction Days (AID). Every year, around 95% of all new students participate in the AID and we make sure there’s something for everyone in the program to make you feel at home and get acquainted.

During the AID, you will get to know the University, your fellow students, all the students organizations, the city and all that Wageningen has to offer. You’ll be guided by two current students that will make you feel at home in Wageningen and answer your questions. For more information and registration go to the AID website.