Overview of Procedures along a timeline

Starting from your PhD application to the final phase; you will find all the steps to take on this page.


Action Who
Orientation:Before applying for a PhD position it is important to have thoroughly read the information about the PhD programme. Aspired PhD candidate
Reply on a PhD Vacancy application Aspired PhD candidate
PhD candidates with their own funding approach a Graduate School, which facilitates contact with a potential chair group. Aspired PhD candidate
The application to the Graduate School should include: Aspired PhD candidate
1. Cover letter describing your motivation to apply.
2. Preliminary research proposal (approximately two pages), containing:
• problem definition
• research questions
• proposed methodology linked to the research questions
• up-to-date literature references
3. References from at least two supervisors or professors. The references must contain information regarding your performance during the Master programme and should contain a reflection on your capacity to finish a PhD in the area of application.
4. Curriculum Vitae, including information on education, research experience and, if applicable, list of publications.
5. Scans of passport and Diploma’s, please read this page for more information about which documents are required.
6. If the applicant is not Dutch, from a non-Anglophone country and has not completed a higher education with English as the language of instruction, an internationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language must be submitted. See the English language requirements for more information.
7. Information on funding. The university and the Graduate Schools will usually not assist in finding funding sources. There is a much higher chance of being accepted if funding is secured.
8. For Sandwich PhD candidates: proof of commitment from the home institute
Evaluation of the application. If the proposal meets the Graduate School's conditions they will forward it to a prospective supervisor for further evaluation. Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria: Graduate School
• Education level (at least at MSc)
• Experience as an independent researcher
• The publications already published
• The scientific quality of the preliminary proposal
• The originality of the preliminary proposal
• The strategic fitting of research topic in the area of interest of the supervisor and in the research field of supervisor's research group
• The capacity and expertise that the Graduate School and research group have available
• Fluency in English
• The available funding
For Sandwich PhD candidates the university will also evaluate:
• Financial support from the home institute
• Academic supervision at the home institute
• The curriculum vitae of the supervisor in the home country
Receiving a response may take some weeks as Wageningen receives many PhD applications.
The supervisor has to consult a HR advisor. Together they will check that all fellowship finances comes from outside Wageningen University & Research (tax requirement). The only exceptions are labour contracts for Sandwich PhD candidates. Chair group and HR advisor


Action Who
The Chair group informs the graduate school about the intended registration of the PhD candidate from the Graduate School website) to the Graduate School. Chair group
The graduate school opens registration in Hora Finita. Graduate School
PhD candidate uploads the necessary documents in Hora Finita. PhD candidate
Contract or employment agreement with the department is signed, and tuition fees are paid when required. PhD candidate / HR
The PhD candidate contacts Graduate School for an introduction meeting PhD candidate / Graduate School
The PhD candidate must be registered as a student via the Graduate School, if BSc or MSc courses need to be taken. PhD candidate

FIRST PHASE of the PhD trajectory

When Action Who
Within 3 months 1. If applicable and still necessary: The proof of English proficiency must be approved and registered in Hora Finita by PhD services PhD candidate/ Doctoral Service Centre
2. Submission of a TSP in Hora Finita. PhD candidate
Within 6 months Submission of the project proposal to the Graduate School in Hora Finita. PhD candidate
Within 12 months (18 months at the very latest) PhD candidate must have obtained full admission to the PhD programme. Full admission is obtained once the following criteria are met:
1. If required, the result of the qualifying exam must be approved and registered in Hora Finita by Doctoral Service Centre. Supervisors/ PhD candidate/ Doctoral Service Centre
2. The TSP and research proposal (if applicable) must be approved and registered in Hora Finita by the Graduate School. Graduate School
3. Go/No-Go evaluation to be submitted in Hora Finita. Supervisor
4. Letter stating formal admittance to the PhD programme (when all requirements mentioned above have been met). Dean on behalf of the academic board


Action Who
The PhD candidate must re-register as a student via their Graduate School (only if MSc courses still need to be taken) PhD candidate
Annual progress and development evaluation (called "R&O" meeting for employees of Wageningen UR). Supervisor/ PhD candidate


When Action Who
6 months before desired date of public defence Supervisor books a defence date in Hora Finita Supervisor
At least 15 weeks before the desired date of public defence 1. PhD candidate submits the manuscript and authorship statement in Hora Finita. This version of the thesis manuscript must contain: PhD candidate
-Table of Contents;
-General Introduction;
-all Chapters (including co-authors, if applicable;
-General Discussion/synthesis;
-List of References;
-and English Summary.
2. Supervisor approves the manuscript and author statement in Hora Supervisor
3. Supervisor proposes opponents via Hora Finita Supervisor
4. PhD candidate requests a Training and Education Certificate at the Graduate School. PhD candidate/ Graduate School
5. Thesis committee needs approval. Dean on behalf of the academic board
6. Propositions must be approved by the Academic board. If the propositions have not been approved 9 weeks before the public defence, the defence will be postponed. Propositions are submitted by the PhD candidate via Hora Finita. Please see the criteria here. Academic board
At least 2 weeks before the thesis is sent to the printer 1. The PhD candidate submits cover, the first four pages and the last inside page of the thesis (i.e. the page with acknowledgements of financial support) in Hora Finita. PhD candidate
2. The Doctoral Service Centre approves the cover, the first four pages and the last inside page of the thesis. Final date for public defence is confirmed. Doctoral Service Centre
At least 2 weeks before the date of public defence PhD candidate submits 15 copies of the thesis to the Doctoral Service Centre. This amount includes copies for the opponents and the copy for the Library. PhD candidate
Just before the date of public defence PhD candidate meets with Rector Magnificus or his representative. PhD candidate
Information about the ceremony (programme, dress code) Doctoral Service Centre / PhD candidate
After the public defence Information about legalisation Doctoral Service Centre