Open Mind Lab

In the Open Mind Lab (OML) you work together with a group of fellow students to develop a Studium Generale programme. You can sign up as a group or as an individual.

We will start with a new group of students from January 2024. The execution of this OML programme will be in the spring of 2024. More information about this programme can be found further down this page.

I found the Studium Generale lectures so interesting that I went almost every week. After a lecture, there is always room for discussion, questions or a conversation with the speaker in question. This makes the concept of Studium Generale so great. You find yourself in a place with people who are there voluntarily and who are sincerely interested, and you can notice that.

How does OML work?

An OML programme is shaped through an intriguing exploration of the subject matter. Throughout this process you are coached by a Studium Generale programme designer.

You can sign up as a group or as an individual. When signing up, you can come up with a suggestion for a topic yourself. You can also make a choice from the suggested subjects below. Please indicate which of the topics you prefer.

  • Delay Tactics
  • Decolonising Botany
  • Geo Politics
  • A topic derived from reading a book together (chosen in consultation with the Studium Generale team)

For whom is OML?

Want to immerse yourself in a fascinating topic with a group of fellow students, and create your own Studium Generale activity?

Are you a WUR-student and interested in exploring fascinating and thorny topics and reflecting on these with a wider public during public events? Are you motivated and keen to develop your skills and competences while exploring academic reflection in practice? If you are on the look-out for a unique and enriching group work experience, then OML is for you!

What is there to gain?

You broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding regarding the chosen topic. Besides this, you practice academic reflection and its translation into an extracurricular educational programme. At the same time you develop important skills and competences such as cooperation, organization, writing, communication and concision.

Finally, for inclusion in your personal development portfolio or curriculum vitae, you are awarded a proof of participation which demonstrates your commitment and time investment in the OML programme.

Studium Generale does not award ECTS, but you can explore whether your participation in the OML could be a part of your study programme. Please contact the programme designer to discuss this.

Time investment and registration

The group meets regularly with the SG programme designer. Usually this takes about an hour a week. Next to this, your own personal investment will be one to two hours per week for reading, doing background research and practical organisation.

The next OML-group starts in January 2024. Preparation in January-April, programme taking place in May/June (deadline registration 8 January 2024).