Case The Ideal Burger (new)

As the world population grows, it becomes more difficult to feed all mouths. By 2050, the world population is expected to have grown by two billion, to a total of ten billion people. In a world where the climate is changing, resources are becoming scarce and the amount of agricultural land cannot be expanded much further, the resources and food that are available must be handled more carefully.


Motivated students of 14-18 years old who are up for a challenge, will work in a multidisciplinary team on an assignment formulated by an expert from Wageningen University & Research. Each team will function as a consultancy, hence the project name Junior Consultancy. At the end of the process, students present their final product to the expert.

The assignment is to develop and design "The Ideal Burger". This is a vegetable burger that serves as an alternative to meat. The alternative must be healthier and more sustainable than a piece of meat. In addition, consumers should like it. Also consumers who normally choose meat. In groups, students research what an ideal burger must meet.

Different phases of the research

The Junior Consultancy Training starts with a kick off at Wageningen Campus. Here students come into contact with all aspects that they will work on in their own research. The kick off consists of:

  • A lecture about matching the structure and taste of meat in a meat substitute
  • A practical workshop on how to make fibrous structures yourself
  • lecture about on sustainable consumers’ decision-making.

After the kick-off, for about twelve weeks, the students will actively work in groups on:

  • Consumer behavior and health
  • Sustainability of ingredients and packaging
  • Experiment on how to make a burger
  • Packaging and promoting the burger

During the final, the students present their self-conceived ideal burger in front of a jury. The jury will judge the burger on the various aspects (health, sustainability, consumer needs, etc.).


The costs for a class of 20 students are €400. We charge €17.50 extra for each additional student.


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