Vision for Education

Vision for Education

In our new Vision for Education 2017 we continue our focus on science for impact and to educate our students to become “T-shaped” academic professionals, able to analyse and tackle challenges in our domain through their up-to-date scientific qualifications, multidisciplinary approach, international and multicultural orientation, and advanced skills.

Reflecting on what we would like our students to become, we concluded that at Wageningen University our mission for education is summarized in the following statement:

We educate students to become academic professionals, who can contribute to sustainable solutions for existing and future complex issues in the domain of ‘healthy food and living environment’ all over the world, and who take their social, personal and ethical responsibilities seriously.

In order to realise this ambition, we believe that all our education, whether graduate or postgraduate, should offer:

  • high-quality scientific knowledge (content);
  • rich learning environments (organisation of learning processes); and
  • flexible and personalised learning paths (flexibility and facilitating learning).

These three elements form the core principles of our new Vision for Education 2017, building on our reflection of the developments over the previous years. They are founded and embedded in the characteristics of our education.