ENP welcomes Usha Satnarain as new PhD Candidate

Published on
April 21, 2020

While studying Biology, Gaitrie Satnarain, better known as Usha, started her career in 2003 at the National Zoological Collection of Suriname (NZCS) as field assistant involved in various environmental research. In 2010 she left to Barbados to start the master programme "Natural Resources and Environmental Management (specialized in Climate Change) at the University of the West-Indies (UWI). After completion of the study she continued with her contribution in environmental research at NZCS until 2015 and then joined the Faculty of Technological Science as lecturer and researcher for the master programme in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR).

Throughout the years she was more involved in conducting vulnerability capacity assessments in relation to climate change; it was here that she happened to get interested in mangrove conservation due to the numerous ecosystem services that mangroves provides to nature and which also are crucial for the human-wellbeing.

Recently she joined ENP as a PhD candidate under the Scenario Evaluation of Sustainable Agroforestry (SESAM) project. Her focus will be on improving the sustainable use of mangrove ecosystem services in Suriname through the use of potential scenario evaluation games on mangrove forest-water-people-nexus.