Simon Bush's keynote at MSC & ASC 2016 Netherlands Partner meeting

Published on
November 23, 2016

Tomorrow Simon Bush, chair of ENP, will give a keynote speech on future social challenges at the MSC & ASC 2016 Netherlands Partner meeting.

“MSC has been active for 20 years – The program has been very successful is some respects – but less successful in others. ASC has been active for 6 years now. As Hans just highlighted, MSC is at the start of a new strategic plan for 2017-2020, during which there will be some very important new developments:

1. wanting to become more relevant in the Global South, where participation in the program is still limited.
2. MSC has announced it wants to be dealing in one way or another with the social / labor dimension of fisheries, which is already addressed by ASC.
3. And MSC wants to actively position ourselves vis a vis FIPs. The same also holds true for ASC and AIPS.

These three interrelated dimensions (“developing country fisheries/aquaculture”, social dimension of fisheries and the FIP/AIP arena) happen to be the research area of Simon Bush, professor and chair of the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. So we are very pleased to have Simon with us today to give us, MSC, ASC and their partners, more insights into the findings of his research. What challenge and opportunities do you see ahead in terms of dealing with social issues in fisheries? In terms of engaging the global south more successfully in sustainable fisheries, and in the MSC and ASC programs more specifically? In terms of the pros and cons of FIPs and AIPS and their relevance for the global seafood market. What does you research tell us about these three interrelated themes?”