Tailor-made Pig master course | New university-enterprise joint training model

Published on
April 27, 2022

In September 2021, Wageningen Academy, Yuncheng University in Changrong City, together with Shanxi Changrong Agricultural Science And Technology company launched a 4-month online pig master course for the "New Farmers" education programme. The training course was well received by the participants. The success of the course also opened a new model of joint training between Universities and enterprises.

Tailor-made solution for Shanxi Changrong Agricultural Science And Technology

Mr. Jun Yao (the chairman of Shanxi Changrong Agricultural Science And Technology) has many years of cooperation experience with Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. Mr. Yao Jun thinks that the long-term development of the enterprise is inseparable from the talent reserve, technology and knowledge are the key elements of the competitiveness of the enterprise. With this concept, Shanxi Changrong Agricultural Science And Technology as one of the leading enterprises in the pig industry in China, has launched a four-month online pig master course "New Farmer" education programme in cooperation with Wageningen University & Research, the world's leading agricultural university, and Yuncheng College, the local university.

Joint training model

The "Pig Master Course" is a systematic course on the theory and practice of pig farming. The lecturers include not only professors from Wageningen University, researchers from Wageningen Research Center, lecturers from Dutch universities of application, but also several senior experts from the Dutch pig industry and representatives of pig farmers. The lecturers, consisting of more than 20 academic experts and company representatives, spent four months providing a systematic learning opportunity for young scholars and frontline workers in pig production and farming, combining theory and practice.

The course covered various topics such as pig production, pig behavior, and welfare, breeding, reproduction and gestation, farrowing management, piglets and fattening pigs, and pig farm management. The course provided participants with an open learning mode, with additional group work sessions and Q&A sessions. Participants met industry peers in the group work and discussed with industry experts in the Q&A session.

Well-received training model

The four-month training was conducted in the form of bi-weekly live online lectures, with a total of 80 credit hours. A total of 47 participants attended the training. In the post-course feedback survey, the "Pig Master Course" scored 4.47 out of 5. 98% of the participants thought the course met their expectations, and 93% of them said they would recommend others to participate in similar school-enterprise training courses.

I hope that through this rare learning opportunity, the participants will be able to take agriculture as their career, take agriculture as their joy, be faithful, bottom-line, responsible agricultural producers, and make their contribution to the development of China's "three rural" cause while creating their own happy lives.

Participant Feedback

"I got a systematic understanding of pig farming and I realized that it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment, especially companies that have more obligation and responsibility to take this responsibility."

"I learned the basics of pig farming, the growth cycle of pigs, and the environment in which it is raised. From the lectures of Wageningen University and Research Center, I broadened my career and learned about the trends of the whole industry."

"I learned a lot of advanced knowledge about pig farming and improved my English speaking and listening and teamwork skills."

"This course made me realize that raising pigs requires a lot of time, effort, and experience. Many factors need to be taken into account when designing a plant, such as lighting, excretion, and a host of other issues."

"I learned about smart farming, which surprised me, and I think there are many more mysteries about pigs to be explored."

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