ENP welcomes visiting PhD candidate, Juliette Davret

May 12, 2022

The Environmental Policy group (ENP) warmly welcomes Juliette as a new visiting PhD researcher! Juliette is a PhD Candidate in geography and planning, visiting the ENP group for 6 months.

Meet Juliette

Juliette comes from the University of Nantes in France and works with ENP's dr. Hilde van Toonen. Her research focus is on the role of geoinformation and geotechnologies in marine spatial planning (MSP).

For the last three years, Juliette has been able to set up participatory workshops to work on the place of map in MSP with stakeholders, also participatory workshops with stakeholders to work on the geographic data in MSP and creating a database of geoportals of marine spatial plans. Her case study focuses on MSP but her research questions are more general and concern planning. Her theoritical backgroung is in critical cartography, STS studies and the field of geography and planning with a strong social science approach.

She uses both qualitative methods and quantitative/qualitative statistical methods of analysis. She came to Wageningen to collaborate with Hilde on public engagement through geoportals in MSP, but her visitation also serves as an opportunity to discover how research is performed in the Netherlands (and she loves it)!

She will finish her thesis in less than a year and hopes to find a post-doc contract to pursue her research. Before her PhD, she completed a Master's degree in geography and planning and a bachelor's degree in history and geography, which allowed her to develop her geographical understanding of social phenomena.

Other project involvements

Juliette is also involved in two other scientific projetcs: the Knowledge Flows Erasmus + project—an educational projet about MSP—which she manages for Nantes University, and the Maritime chair project of Nantes University, a scientific project about marine human activities.