Meet our professional learners | Summer School Insects as Food & Feed

April 21, 2021

In this article Talash Huijbers, CEO InsectiPro Kenya shares her insights and experiences with regard to the Summer School Insects as Food & Feed which she attended in 2019. How did it help her with her daily work? Why did she join the programme? Learn all about it in this interview.

Why did you choose to join this course?

Worldclass experts in the field of insects were teaching and the group attending all had the same interests. How can we develop insects as food and feed. It is also the only course focused on this topic that I could find.

What are the key takeaways?

I learned a lot. Not only about production systems, but also about what can be done with the by products. Our trip to Belgium taught me a new way to see insect protein and insect oil. Also, the network that is formed here is really good!

The network that is formed here is really good!

Did the course help you in your current job?

A lot of what we learned about the love room and conditions for flies to mate, I introduced directly into our production system. Learning about the chitin and oil by products have also directed some of our Research and Development in an interesting direction.

Would you recommend this course? Why?

Yes, the course is interesting and the network I formed there is incredible. I have hosted some of my peers from this program in my farm in Nairobi.

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