Number of participants in Diversity and Inclusion Week WUR doubled

Published on
October 12, 2022

More than 900 people participated in Diversity & Inclusion Week activities organized by WUR last week. That is more than double from last year, when the first edition of the event took place.

A total of 750 persons pre-registered for the D&I week. ‘The turnout was higher than the number of registrations. One activity saw 150 guests, while only 44 people had registered’, says initiator and organiser Eva Siebelink.

Some 400 people participated last year when the event was online due to the covid measures. This edition had over twenty live activities, some of which were hybrid.

Topics D&I week

There was much appreciation for the wide range of topics. There were
sessions on bias, autism, giftedness, creating a safe campus and fighting
racism and discrimination. Joris Luyendijk delivered a stimulating presentation on privileges and positions of power, topics he wrote about in his book De zeven vinkjes (the seven check marks).

Diverse, inclusive work and study environment

Through the D&I week, WUR focused on the importance of a diverse, inclusive work and study environment. Everyone must be able to feel at home and flourish on campus. The over 13,000 students and 6,500 staff members form an inspiring, creative and multicultural population.