Shared facility finder gives organizations access to innovation facilities

February 25, 2021

Sharing facilities maximizes productivity and accelerates innovation. It is fast, sustainable and cost-effective – that is the idea behind Shared facility finder: quick access to innovation facilities for organizations. It allows you to find advanced research equipment, facilities and technologies, share your own facilities, contact partners and co-investors, and explore financing options. Shared facility finder is an initiative of Foodvalley NL and Wageningen University & Research.

“Research equipment and facilities have been shared within the ecosystem for years,” says Petra Roubos, Lead Shared Facilities. “With Shared facility finder, we are now even more emphatically focusing on shared use. We are making the range of facilities widely known and findable, thereby unlocking the full potential of our ecosystem. With the Shared facility finder, organizations can quickly see which facilities are available for shared use and they can register their own facilities for this.”

50 facilities and 300 pieces of equipment

More than 50 facilities and 300 pieces of advanced equipment can be found via Shared facility finder, in which all phases of the innovation process are represented: from research and product development to demonstration, upscaling and production. “And if you don’t find exactly what you need for your innovation process via Shared facility finder, we look at the possibilities for joint investment in and financing of new facilities,” explains Roubos. "It’s great if you let us know, because we are continuously developing the range.”

Valuable contacts

Sharing facilities and equipment is not only sustainable and efficient, it is also inspiring and leads to valuable contacts. “It goes without saying that this facilitates the exchange of knowledge, expertise and ideas. It creates the perfect breeding ground for further innovation and collaboration.”

This is how Shared facility finder works

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In which phase of product or process development is your organization? Click on the appropriate button and find matching research equipment, or search the interactive map for a suitable demonstration, upscaling or production facility.

Sharing facilities

Are you looking for a research facility? Do you have equipment or facilities that other companies can use? Or is an important party missing in our range? Let us know! We are constantly looking for additional offerings so together we can create a strong network of available facilities. Please contact our experts via

Shared facility finder has been made possible by the Dutch Province of Gelderland.