Successful Pathways Europe Conference

November 3, 2022

WAGENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS – The Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Department, at Colorado State University, in conjunction with the Cultural Geography Group, at Wageningen University & Research, hosted Pathways Europe 2022 October 19-21, 2022, at the Aurora building on the Wageningen University campus.

The conference was a success, reaching its maximum registration capacity of 200 attendees about a month in advance. With over 100 presentations and a variety of plenary talks, conference attendees enjoyed collaborating and sharing resources over the three-day event.

Pathways Europe 2022 Conference Highlights

Conference attendees enjoyed presenting and collaborating on the theme, “Sharing Landscapes.” Especially in Europe, the need to share landscapes between humans and wildlife presents a major societal challenge. This calls for understanding human-wildlife interactions in complex spatial contexts to attune societal land use needs and wildlife habitat needs.

With lower ticket prices and inclusive options, the conference drew in practitioners in addition to researchers and academics. One full day of the conference was allocated to workshop sessions aimed at practitioners, which were focused on dealing with polarization and wildlife management models in Europe. Workshops aimed to help government and agency officials gain more knowledge on shared landscapes and how to structure future programs.

Attendees also enjoyed the warm reception at Wageningen University & Research. The new and renovated buildings on campus buzzed with activity and attendees appreciated the sustainable, vegan menus provided for lunches and breaks.

Addressing Important Issues in Human Dimensions of Wildlife

In pursuit of Pathways’ mission of increasing the professionalism and effectiveness in the human dimensions of wildlife management field, the Pathways conference continues to address the most pressing issues facing conservation, wildlife, and management in today’s world.

With lower registration fees, the conference allowed individuals from all communities and all backgrounds to join the sessions. In addition to workshop sessions and research presentations, the conference featured the following plenary speakers:

·Jana Malin, Indepent researcher working with wild wolf populations

·Arie Trouwborst, Tilburg Law School

·Raquel Filgueiras, Rewilding Europe

·Maarten Jacobs, Wageningen University & Research

·Michael J. Manfredo, Colorado State University

About the Pathways Conference

With its initiation in 2008, the Pathways conference series has hosted 12 successful international events within the U.S., Europe, and Africa. The conference draws in an average of 300 attendees, including researchers, educators, practitioners, and students. In alignment with its mission, Pathways has facilitated important conversations, increased collaboration, and encouraged sustainable change in human-wildlife coexistence.

For more information about the Pathways conference and to learn about future conferences, visit the Pathways website: