What if the social hierarchy turns upside down?

December 7, 2023

CineScience with Chih-Chen Trista Lin & Meghann Ormond
"Triangle of Sadness"
14 December 2023, starting at 19:30

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From a luxury yacht to an island where super-rich cruise tourists are stuck with crew members. The dark comedy “Triangle of Sadness” provides unique settings for us to observe issues of privilege, inequality and perceptions of work in tourism and hospitality and beyond. With an introduction to this film by two WUR researchers, we will explore the topics of social identity, status of privilege/marginalisation, and the stigma of ‘dirty work’ through a small interactive game inviting you to dive deeper into this entertaining satire.

Chih-Chen Trista Lin and Meghann Ormond are two cultural geographers whose research examines how social - and labor inequalities shape patterns of tourism mobilities, and how the latter further contributes to growing inequalities internationally. Travel, nevertheless, has its transformative potential to inspire social and cultural change, and there are many ongoing attempts among people, not the least tourism workers, to join together to address the negative impacts. In this film, in the meanwhile, we see the cruise and scenes of survival in the wild serving as “laboratories of human behaviour”. Through observing the characters, we are confronted with an urgent challenge: how to foster greater social equality when our privileges and sense of entitlement, as well as our biases towards others’ social status and the worth of their labor, are so very hard to shed?

We welcome you to join us December 14th, 19.30hrs at:

Heerenstraat Theater
Molenstraat 1B
6701 DM Wageningen