WUR researcher makes colouring book with electron microscope

August 22, 2022

Colouring with Vittorio is the headline above an article on the Resource website. A scanning electron microscope is a useful tool for scientists. The instrument magnifies objects by thousands of times, revealing the invisible. In black and white, because the microscope works with electrons rather than light. Scientists often colour the images themselves to highlight certain details.

This is exactly what Vittorio Saggiomo (BioNano Technology) did with his images when he sought to get to grips with the device earlier this year. With no particular end in mind, but just because he loves colours. Then he had an inspiration. ‘I’ve seen lots of colouring books, but never one with photos like these.’


A quick search on Amazon confirmed his suspicion. ‘No, indeed. Then it seemed a good idea to do it myself.’ Not with the aim of making money, incidentally. ‘Just for the fun of it and for the sake of outreach. To introduce the public to science. Children might think they’re beautiful and decide: I want to become a scientist too when I grow up.’

Read the full article on the Resource website.