B (Bas) Kemp B (Bas) Kemp

Professor/Chairholder in Adaptation Physiology

Prof. Kemp has an Animal Science background and did his PhD research on nutrition of the breeding boar between 1986 and 1989. After his graduation he worked as an assistant professor for one year at the Animal Nutrition group in Wageningen. In 1991, he started working at the department of Animal Husbandry as associate professor in animal reproduction.

In January 2000, prof. Kemp was appointed full professor and chair leader of the Adaptation Physiology group of Wageningen University. This group has expertise in immunology, reproduction, energy metabolism and behavioral physiology and uses a interdisciplinary approach to study the adaptation of animals to their environment. The aim of the group is to facilitate and support adaptation of domestic animals to their changing and challenging environment in order to optimize their welfare and health. Long-term effects of early life conditions on adaptive capacity, health and welfare in later life, and support during critical transition periods are key elements in the research of the group.


Prof. Kemp produced > 400 Refereed papers, Citations: h-index 81 (Google scholar citations, January 2024)