prof.dr. BJM (Ben) Witteman MD

prof.dr. BJM (Ben) Witteman MD

Emeritus Special Professor Nutrition and Intestinal Health Transitional Care

Prof. Dr. Ben JM Witteman,

  • Affiliate professor (20%). Wageningen university, Division of Human Nutrition. Special ‘Nutrition and Intestinal health in transitional care’.
  • Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist (80%). Gelderse Vallei Hospital, Ede.

The major goal of my research is to incorporate nutrition in healthcare especially by improving the nutritional status of individuals with a chronic subclinical disease or abnormality (e.g. Irritable bowel syndrome or Inflammatory bowel disease). Optimal nutrition may prevent further progression to clinical disease and consultation of medical care. For this purpose we initiated the “Alliance Nutrition in health care” in 2009.

My mission is to inform healthcare workers of the sense and non-sense of nutrition in various chronic subclinical diseases. Furthermore, individuals need to be aware of the role that diet can play in improving wellbeing and quality of life. This can ultimately lead to self-management of their chronic subclinical disorder.

Moreover, I want to educate colleagues in first and second line health care about the importance of nutrition before, during and after hospitalisation and treatment.

I supervise Bsc, MSc and  PhD students in doing their thesis or conducting scientific clinical research.

I also like to share my knowledge with other interested parties to give them more insight into the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in both health and disease.