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Education - JC (Bob) Douma

I am involved in the following courses:

  1. Ecological Modelling and Data Analysis in R (CSA-50306).

    This course prepares the student for a future of lifelong learning. For this course, we use a reverse format where students present and discuss theory, and apply the concepts in case studies. Every two years we choose a new book about modelling or statistical modelling. For example, we discussed "Ecological models and Data in R  by Bolker, Mixed effects model and extensions in Ecology with R - by Zuur, and A practical guide to Ecological modelling by Soetaert and Herman. The teachers guide the students through the process of getting acquainted with new statistical techniques and a new programming language. Students are expected to participate actively in class discussion and each student should give a presentation on the theory from the book. The book comes with ecological data sets that will be analyzed during practicals and discussed thereafter. Students will carry out two projects to apply and demonstrate acquired knowledge, skills and insight. The project outcomes are presented orally, and R codes are shared.

  2. Poulation and Systems Ecology (CSA-20806).


ENT-20806 Integrated Pest Management
CSA-78324 MSc Research Practice Crop and Weed Ecology
PEN-10503 Ecology I
CSA-20806 Population and Systems Ecology
CSA-34306 Ecological Modelling and Data Analysis in R
CSA-80424 MSc Thesis Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-33303 Masterclass Organic Agriculture