C (Cas) Huisman MSc

C (Cas) Huisman MSc


Cas is a PhD researcher at the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group at Wageningen University since 2022. 

Cas has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Groningen, and graduated with a Masters of science in Health Psychology and Digital Interventions at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Current  Together with Dr. Erica van Herpen and Dr. Betina Piqueras Fiszman, Cas is part of the EU project, ToNoWaste. The aim of the project is to eliminate food waste in the supply chain and households.

Cas' research focuses on the reduction of household foodwaste, specifically through habits. As people are handling food on a daily basis, many of the ways in which food is handled have become habituated. Sometimes, these behaviours may be undesirable for limiting our food waste. The research aims to test habit formation interventions as well as interventions to break and substitute unwanted habits.

Research  Food waste, food loss, consumer behaviour, digital interventions, eHealth, behaviour change, habit