CJ (Chris) van Dijk

CJ (Chris) van Dijk

Scientist Plant and Environment

As an experienced researcher/project manager, I work on various themes in the field of plants and the environment. I am responsible for realizing and coordinating the project assignments, reporting, maintaining contacts with clients and initiating new projects. A project is successful for me if the client (s) is (are) satisfied.

Fields of Expertise: 
Sustainable Weed Management methodology for (semi-) government and landscapers to reduce the use of herbicides on paved areas in urban areas. Consultancies on the control of invasive weed species in urban areas.

Monitoring environmental quality around point-sources of air pollution (chemical plants, waste incinerators). Standardized biomonitoring programmes are setup to prove the absence environmental and human health hazards due to emissions of PAHs, dioxins, fluorides and heavy metals.

Risk assessment plant studies with air pollutants (O3, NOx, NHy, ethylene, chemicals) for estimating acute and/or chronic injury, deriving dose-response-relationships.

Sustainable weedcontrol on pavements

Invasive alien plant species

Biomonitoring Air Quality