FF (Geert) Hoekstra MSc

FF (Geert) Hoekstra MSc

Economic researcher seafood (fisheries & aquacultuur), -markets and -value chains

Passion for (sea)food 

Key words: economics, fisheries, aquaculture, seafood, circularity, food, SDGs, fish byproducts, zero waste, fish processing, wholesale, new circular business models, Lean StartUp, value chains, seafood marketing, short supply chains, data analyses, innovation.

E: geert.hoekstra@wur.nl

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind"? - C. S. Lewis

How to feed the world, within planetary boundaries? Food is more than a primary need from dietary perspective. People gather around food. Within Wageningen Universiry Research we daily explore the potential of nature (with food production challenges) and try to improve quality of life.

From childhood I have a passion for fish and food. As born and raised in a Dutch fishing village and agricultural region I have always been fascinated by the importance of food. In particular the dependence of food and nature. I admire the knowhow and craftmanship behind crops at land and catching the fish at sea, processing and selling the highest quality to consumers. Fish is not solely a healthy food product, but even more the most globally traded product perhaps. Seafood (fish and shellfish consumed by humans) is essential as a source of food supply and income (revenue stream) given a growing world population.

It is my dream to connect (sea)food producers and consumers by (sea)food as a healthy food product from nature. Especially, seafood next to agricultural food products could globally be a sustainable source for food supply and income from the SDGs.

Currently I support (inter)national governments and business as an economist fisheries by research projects like:
- Circular economy and -food production systems
- Business models
- Fish waste valorization
- Local (short) food supply chains
- Seafood analysis (production, processing/wholesale, consumption)
- International seafood supply chains and market studies
- Fishery economic stats: www.visserijincijfers.nl 
- Innovation and marketing lectures entepreneurs in food&agri
- Economic position Dutch fish processing industry and wholesale
- Policy support and scenario studies about landing obligation, pulse fisheries etc.
- Economic valuation of European fish quota