GF (Geert) Wiegertjes GF (Geert) Wiegertjes


Geert Wiegertjes, formerly personal professor at the Cell Biology and Immunology group, now heads the Aquaculture and Fisheries (AFI) group at Wageningen University & Research (since March 2018). As such, his personal interest in fish immunology has broadened to include the interaction between fish nutrition and health in aquatic production systems. As head of AFI he plays a supportive role for research on both management of fisheries ecology as well as research on aquaculture. He underscores the urgent and global need for a sustainable production of (shell)fish products in a world where demands for seafood are rising rapidly. To meet these increased demands, there is a strong need to find bio-inspired solutions to maintain Blue Growth and unravel critical factors limiting aquaculture and seafood production.

Click here for the video of the Inauguration at the 16th of May 2019 entitled: Following the Blue Revolution