dr.ir. G (Gerrit) Karssen

dr.ir. G (Gerrit) Karssen

Research fellow

Prof. Gerrit Karssen is working since 1991 as a full time nematode taxonomist at the National Plant Protection Organization, Wageningen, The Netherlands. He studied Biology at University Utrecht and received a PhD in Biology (cum laude) at Ghent University on a taxonomical revision of the European root-knot nematodes. At present, his job includes identification and alpha taxonomical research on plant-parasitic nematodes and he is curator at the Wageningen Nematode Collection (WaNeCo). Gerrit teaches on the identification of plant-parasitic nematodes at Wageningen University and lectures on the Tylenchomorpha taxonomy at Ghent University. He is also editorial board member of the Journal of Nematode Morphology and Systematics, ZooKeys, Russian Journal of Nematology, Nematologia Mediterranea and Redi

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