G (Giuseppe) Olivieri PhD

G (Giuseppe) Olivieri PhD


Giuseppe is a Lecturer in the Bioprocess Engineering Group. He is from Napoli in the South of Italy, where he got his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering and his PhD degree in Industrial Biotechnology in 2004. He has continued to work at the University of Napoli "Federico II" as Assistant Professor for 9 years.

Suddenly he moved to the Nederland, the first time as Assistant Professor in Microalgal Biorefinery at BPE group in WUR in 2013 and then as full-time lecturer in Bioprocess Engineering.

Before deeply diving in teaching, his research interests were in the application of Bioprocess Engineering Fundamentals to design new industrial process and to develop novel and biobased product.

Now, spread over various study programs (BSc and MSc Biotechnology, MSc Biobased Science and MSc Water Technology), Giuseppe currently coordinates three courses, and actively participate as lecturer in other six courses... 

In his free-time, Giuseppe tries to play piano, maybe because he loves classical music... but he has still to obtain satisfacting results. Giuseppe has also a very good knowledge and passion for the history of cinema.