dr. G (Gulden) Yilmaz

dr. G (Gulden) Yilmaz

Programme lead Healthy and Safe Food Systems

Gulden Yilmaz works currently as the director for KB Healthy and Safe Food Systems. In coordinating the KB programme, the responsibilities involve formulating a vision and strategies to ensure the knowledge position of WR, initiating new research, coordinating ongoing research, assisting and facilitating cooperation, value creation, as well as positioning of WUR broadly . 

She is an experienced R&D professional with a focus on valorization of knowledge and impact, creating partnerships and value for businesses and society. Being a highly motivated individual, she combines technical background and creativity with a business and result oriented mindset to tackle the global challenges in food and nutrition along with resources scarcity, security of supply and environment. Her work involves being at the interface between science and industry, public and private sectors, being inspired to work with multidisciplinary teams and co-create.

Her previous funtions and

Program manager biorefinery 2013-2019, Food & Biobased Research – Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen

Innovation manager 2014-2015, Bioeconomy Innovation Cluster East NL Netherlands - GreenTechAlliances, Arnhem

Chairman of the program board biobased economy 2012-2014, Gelderland Transition Center, Arnhem

Theme coordinator pulp and paper 2006-2013, Food & Biobased Research – Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen

Project manager 2000-2006, Agrotechnology and Food Innovations BV, Wageningen

Research fellow /junior researcher 1997-2000, ATO-DLO, Wageningen

Project director 1995-1996, SPG-Petronord, Istanbul