dr.ir. JR (Jasper) de Vries

dr.ir. JR (Jasper) de Vries

Associate professor

Trust is the prime focus of the research of Jasper de Vries. Jasper is a spatial planner working as associate professor at the Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning cluster of Wageningen University. In his research he focusses on the dynamics of trust in interaction in the domain of environmental governance, nature conservation, and agri-food value chains.

Jasper is specifically interested in how different forms of trust develop and interrelate in interaction for environmental change and transitions in rural areas. In these contexts he takes a dynamics perspective on trust, focussing on how trust develops over time, influencing and being influenced by interaction and its wider social-environmental context.

To guide these interactions, governments, organisations and individuals use a wide range of instruments (e.g. participation methods, persuasive communication, contracts, subsidies). Moreover, in transition processes, new and innovative methods are used in a search for more sustainable solutions (e.g. tools for sustainable land use, precision agriculture). The extent to which these instruments and methods are accepted largely depends on trust, whereas trust is also impacted by these instruments and methods.

His research is located in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. As PI and work package leader in different European projects, he is experienced in studying these type of issues in contexts of water governance, contested land use, and nature conservation. De Vries is experienced in conducting research in close collaboration with partners from civil society, business and government, organizing trans-disciplinary workshops and learning events. Jasper de Vries holds a PhD in land use planning and strategic communication from Wageningen University.

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