dr. KD (Kevin) Matson

dr. KD (Kevin) Matson

Associate Professor (kevin.matson [at] wur.nl)


My Latest News


  • We'll be offering REG-33306 Disease Ecology again during the first half of Period 6 of the 2018-2019 school year (13 May - 7 June). Join us!
  • Here's a recent story in the Resource about a publication resulting from an ongoing project involving WUR MSc thesis students (including one as co-author): Fear leads to rodent baby boom
  • Here's another story in the Resource about one of my "side activities": Teaching in Prison. I returned to this program again in the summer of 2018.



A Glimpse Into My Research


The word cloud below was generated from the article and journal titles of my publications, from my first ones as an MSc student (e.g., Nymphicus hollandicus) to my most recent ones (e.g., Africa).

My Research Interests


The first priority...

How can understanding immunological variety (i.e., within & among individuals, populations, & species of animals) add to our understanding of animal ecology & life history evolution (& vice versa)?

  • Environment: seasonality, pollution, geography
  • Behavior: locomotion, life cycle stage, pace of life
  • Methods: animal models & new assays


An “aspirational” goal...

How can answers to the main question above help us to understand better the dynamics & consequences of infectious diseases in free-living animals?