LA (Lieke) Melsen PhD MSc

LA (Lieke) Melsen PhD MSc

Universitair hoofddocent

I work as researcher and lecturer at the Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management group on the topic of Computational Hydrology. 

In my core research, I reflect on hydrological modelling practices from a sociology of science lens, basically studying the sociology of modelling. These insights contribute to our understanding of how to interpret and understand model results, and provide insights on uncertainty in model results beyond the so-called technical sources of uncertainty (parameters, structure, data). 

For example; How is the hydrological model selected for the modelling study? Which choices do we make, and why, when configuring our model and how does that influence the model output?  I make use of methods ranging from large ensemble hydrological modelling to interviews with modellers and bibliometric analyses. 

I am involved in the courses 'Water and Air Flow: Numerical Techniques', 'Catchment Hydrology', and 'Advanced Hydrological System Analysis', most of them part of the MSc program 'Earth and Environment'.