prof.dr. JM (Marianne) Geleijnse

prof.dr. JM (Marianne) Geleijnse

Professor in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease

Johanna M. (Marianne) Geleijnse, PhD, studied biomedical sciences at Leiden University, after which she completed her MSc training in epidemiology at the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences. In 1996, she obtained her PhD degree from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, with a thesis on salt and blood pressure.

She currently holds a position as a professor (tenured) at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health, Wageningen University. Her research focuses on healthy, sustainable nutrition and the prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases (coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease).

Marianne is a leading scientist in the Nutrition and Healthcare Alliance (website NHA). She is vice chair of the Health Council of The Netherlands (website Health Council), an independent advisory body for the Dutch government in the field of public health and healthcare. In that role, she is also reponsible for the Dutch dietary guidelines.

Through her efforts, she wants to contribute to food and health policy that is effective, sustainable and socially just, promoting the health and well-being of current and future generations. Marianne has published over 350 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.  Marianne Geleijnse - Google Scholar