dr. M (Maryam) Ghodsvali

dr. M (Maryam) Ghodsvali

Universitair docent

In the dynamic landscape of urban challenges, cities face an intricate puzzle—demographic shifts, environmental concerns, and disparities in access. Picture it as a constantly evolving mosaic, and I've devoted my academic journey to deciphering its complexity. Armed with a PhD in Urban Information Systems and an MSc in Geoinformatics, I've delved into the pulse of cities, understanding their rhythms and navigating their challenges.

Now, as an Assistant Professor, my mission is resolute: to redefine how we approach urban complexities. Imagine digital tools as catalysts for change, helping us decode the intricate patterns of city life, make informed decisions, and ultimately elevate urban living.

My research centres around spatio-temporal information modeling—a sophisticated digital roadmap for cities. While the concept may sound technical, its essence is straightforward: arming cities with the tools they need to navigate challenges with precision. It's not just about technology; it's about making cities more responsive, adaptable, and inclusive. From crafting 3D information models to pioneering digital serious gaming, my journey in urban informatics has evolved. My expertise lies in merging technology with societal needs; creating transformative digital solutions for complex urban landscapes. With this vision, I aim to lead the integration of cutting-edge technologies into urban planning, fostering sustainability and resilience.

Crafting digital game rules for urban planning is more than a goal; it's a vision for the future. I see a world where cities become bastions of innovation, resilience, and collective well-being. It's about transforming urban challenges into opportunities, one innovative solution at a time. Let's shape a future where our cities not only survive but thrive amid change.