dr. M (Milena) Holmgren Urba

dr. M (Milena) Holmgren Urba

Associate Professor

I study the mechanisms that explain the resilience of terrestrial ecosystems to climate variability and disturbances and the implications for ecosystem functioning and ecological services. I am interested in how ecological and social dynamics interact and how ecological scientific work can be disseminated through and used by decision-makers for conservation and ecological restoration purposes. My work is profoundly cooperative and combines conceptual models, experiments, remote sensing and field studies. My empirical work has covered a wide range of ecosystems including drylands, boreal, temperate and tropical ecosystems from North and South America, West and South Africa, North and Mediterranean Europe, and China.

Research lines:

1) Abrupt transitions in terrestrial ecosystems

2) Linking aquatic and terrestrial ecology

3) Novel strategies for climate change adaptation

4) Ecological legacies of extreme climate events