M (Monika) Sopov

M (Monika) Sopov

Senior Advisor Sustainable Food Systems


• 20+ years of experience in working in emerging ecomoies in strategy development and implementation for businesses, organizations, value chains and sectors; food safety, change management, development of curricula and training materials in the aforementioned areas at technical and vocational education (TVET) and university levels.
• Large scale project and program management
• Management and development of teams and organization
• Multi-stakeholder facilitation
• Policy advice: food security and livelihood systems, markets, food systems
• Institutional fundraising
• Evaluation of large-scale agricultural (value chain, etc) programs: Danida, IFAD, CDC, FAO
• Development and implementation of capacity building programs

Deep understanding of agricultural development and agribusiness development and strong market system analysis and value chain development skills
• Agribusiness assessment, strategy development and evaluation / building multi-stakeholders partnerships to enhance sector development (project manager; EUR budget 4 million)
• Value chain (program) assessment, development, evaluation (Evaluated the value chain development program of DANIDA (24 VCD in 18 countries / EUR 180 million investment)
• Developed capacity building program in all the areas above, including development and implementation of short-term courses, long-term (more than 3-weeks) capacity building programs for a variety of actors within the value chain, and TVET and higher education levels (executive MBA program in, Ethiopia, upgrading agribusiness programs at agricultural universities, contributing to the development of the MSc food safety program in Banglades with support of Bangladesh Agricultural University )

Work experience in:
• Africa: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania, Tunisia, South Africa, Uganda
• Asia: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
• Transition countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, FYR, Moldova, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
• EU: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic