MA N (Nadya) Karimasari MA

MA N (Nadya) Karimasari MA


Hi, I'm Nadya. I love research and I would like to do it for the rest of my life. I study environmental anthropology, political ecology, sociology, and now ventured into science studies, history and philosophy. I am situated in an academic "lineage" in which I inherited a legacy of political economy, critical approach. and scholar-activism (ever since Jun Borras supervised my master theses). At the same time, I also emphasize wonder, curiosity, a strong appreciation, and generosity in trying to understand people's creativity and why they do what they do in their context.

For my PhD, I've done 1,5 years of ethnographic research within and around Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh and North Sumatra. I've spent the longest time in Southeast Aceh district, the heart of this protected area that has been promoted globally as "the last place on earth" where four charismatic megafaunas still roam together in the wild. I ended up not only studying the dynamic empirical happenings and interactions in this area, but also the imaginaries and knowledge communication between different stakeholders about it.

Previously, I have done long-term research on the political economy of forest sector in Indonesia (2014), the forest tenure reform in Indonesia (2013), the social economic recovery of disaster victims in Mount Merapi (2012), and transnational agrarian and environmental movement's campaign against deforestation (2011). I have also published on youth and agriculture (2014), ASEAN environmental issue (2014), resettlement of Mount Merapi disaster victims (2015), a tribute to Ellen Meiskins Wood (2016) and the market-imperative of capitalism (2017). I have also done several short-term research projects on the issue of food, environment and agrarian activism. Since 2011, I actively volunteer at agrarian movements in Indonesia, especially as an interpreter. I also translated Tania Li's latest book, Land's End, into Bahasa Indonesia.

In Spring 2017, I assisted Rob Fletcher in teaching the Master level "Research Methodology" class in Wageningen University, specializing in ethnography. I also co-supervised Master student's thesis, especially for those who study Indonesia.

You can read my personal blog here. I was also a regular blogger at Wageningen University website, Resource online. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to have further conversation.