dr.ir. P (Paul) Copini

dr.ir. P (Paul) Copini

DLO Onderzoeker

On the origin of large oak clusters in the Netherlands

During my master thesis and later as a research assistant, I used genetics and tree-rings studies to infer the origin of oak clusters in the Netherlands. As part of this project, I investigated the relation between forest management systems such as coppice on tree morphology and tree-ring patterns.



Markers inside wood

Trees are long-living organisms that record ecologically relevant information in their wood that can be accessed by dendrochronology, the study of tree rings. During my PhD project I investigated the precision of tree rings as archives of insect outbreaks, drift-sand dynamics and spring flooding.

Forest Genetic Resources

Within the cluster Forest Genetic Resources of the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands, I am involved in the conservation and the promotion of sustainable use of genetic diversity of native species of both trees and shrubs.